CCDS Special Issue

Authors of the papers accepted to the 5th International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications (5ICMCTA) are invited to submit an extended version of their papers to be published in a special issue of Cryptography and Communications — Discrete Structures, Boolean Functions and Sequences (CCDS).

The papers submitted to the special issue of CCDS will be reviewed in the same way as any other submission to CCDS. Compared with the LNCS proceedings, the new submission must represent at least 30% of new results, in accordance to the rules of CCDS.

The submissions may be slightly different from the workshop presentations. Alternatively, invited speakers can submit surveys of related topics of interest. Note that Cryptography and Communications does not publish surveys in general. Few exceptions can be made in a special issue. These surveys should then correspond to a need in a domain where a survey presenting all the main results of the domain is missing.

Please prepare your manuscript following the instructions. The manuscript should be submitted online using the link.

As an identifying article type please choose Castle 2017: Coding Theory and Applications – by invitation only.

The deadline is 1 December 2017. However, we recommend that you submit your paper as soon as it is ready, since the papers will be reviewed as soon as they arrive.

5th International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications