Student Workshop

Last updated: August 1, 2017 at 21:52 pm

Student Workshop will take place on August 28 (Monday). It will be devoted to student presentations, discussions and tutorial talks.

Camilla Hollanti

Camilla Hollanti
Invited tutorial

Programme of the workshop

09:00Camilla Hollanti (based on work with Salim El Rouayheb, Ragnar Freij-Hollanti, Oliver Gnilke, David Karpuk, and Razan Tajeddine)Tutorial on Coded Private Information Retrieval
10:15Matthias Grezet, Ragnar Freij-Hollanti, Thomas Westerbäck, and Camilla HollantiOn Binary Matroid Minors and Applications to Data Storage over Small Fields
10:45Daniel Heinlein and Sascha KurzAsymptotic bounds for the sizes of constant dimension codes and an improved lower bound
11:45Somphong Jitman, Herbert Palines and Romar Dela CruzOn Quasi-Abelian Complementary Dual Codes
12:15Cristina Fernandez-Cordoba, Carlos Vela and Merce VillanuevaOn the Kernel of \(\mathcal{Z}_{2^s}\)-Linear Hadamard Codes
14:15Allison Beemer and Christine A. KelleyMultidimensional Decoding Networks for Trapping Set Analysis
14:45Irina Bocharova, Boris Kudryashov, Vitaly Skachek and Yauhen YakimenkaDistance Properties of Short LDPC Codes and their Impact on the BP, ML and Near-ML Decoding Performance
15:45Allison Beemer, Carolyn Mayer and Christine KelleyErasure Correction and Locality of Hypergraph Codes
16:15Elena Egorova and Grigory KabatianskyAnalysis of two tracing traitor schemes via coding theory

Student Workshop is supported by University of Tartu ASTRA project PER ASPERA Doctoral School of Information and Communication Technologies.


5th International Castle Meeting on Coding Theory and Applications